Regular B. Ed.

First Sem
Course Code Course Title
101 Prespectives in Sociological and Philosophical of Education
102 Prespectives in Phychology of Teaching Learning and Development
103 Knowledge And Curriculum
104 Educational Technology and Computer assisted Instruction
Course Code Course Title
EPC1 Practice in core teaching skills
a. Set Introduction.
b. Explanation.
c. Illustrating with Examples.
d. Question and Probing.
e. Writing of behavioral objectives.
f. Lesson planning and Unit planning.
g. Stimulus variation.
h. Reinforcement and feedback.
i. Use of teaching aids including Black board writing.
j. Sketching and drawing.
k. Closuer.
(At least eight skills are compulsory)
EPC2 Indian Educators Philosophar
a. Swami Vivekanand
b. Mahatma Gandhi
c. Aurobindo
d. Rabindra Nath Tagore
e. Rashtrasant Tukadoji Maharaj
f. Krishna Murti J.
g. Madan Mohan Malviya
h. Acharya Narendra Dev
i. Rajarshi Shahu Maharaj
j. Gyaneshwar Maharaj
k. Dr. B. R. Ambedkar
l. Mahatma Jotiba Phule
m. Vinoba Bhave
n. Vir Sawarkar
o. Gulab Maharaj
p. Sant Samarth Ramdas
EPC3 Drama and Art in Education
Secound Sem
Course Code Course Title
201 Contemporary Indian Education
202 Assessment of Learning
203 Action Research in Education
204 Inclusive Education
Course Code Course Title
EPCI Personality development with emphasis--
Understanding the self / Communication skill including Language Use and improvement of speech.
EPCII Desugning of assessment tool for achievement in school related subject and administration of psychological tests with a brief report there on.
Internship I In the Internship for first year of 4 Weeks following activities / assignments will have to be undertaken.
a. School Visit: Two days for every School : primary / upper primary and secondary and senior secondary level schools. (One week)
b. Observation: Observation of class room teaching, Classroom and School sites including library, lab and sport / extramural programmes within the school with preparation of school profile as an outcome. (One Week)
c. Skill development through simulated and micro teaching sessions. (One Week)
d. Improvising of teaching aids / exhibits / gadgets for use in school. (One Week)
Third Sem
Course Code Course Title
301 Pedagogy of School Subject-1
302 Pedagogy of School Subject-2
Pedagogy School Subject
Group A Language Group B Social Science Group C Science Group D Science 2
1. Hindi Teaching 1. History Teaching 1. Physics Teaching 1. Biology Teaching
2. Marathi Teaching 2. Geography Teaching 2. Chemistry Teaching 2. Mathematics Teaching
3. Sanskrit Teaching 3. Civics Teaching 3. Home Science Teaching
4. English Teaching 4. Economics Teaching
5. Pali Teaching 5. Commerce Teaching
6. Urdu Teaching 6. Music Teaching
Course Code Course Title
EPC I Classroom / School / Community based research projects and implementation
EPC II Intelligent use of ICT and development of power point presentation including improvisation of teaching aids and gadgets.
Intership II In the Internship for second year of 16 Weeks, following activities / assignments will have to be undertaken.
A. The B. Ed. trainee will be attached to primary / upper primary level school for ( Four Weeks ), to secondary level schools for ( Ten Weeks) and to senior secoundary schools for ( Two Weeks ). The purpose of Internship programme is to integrate theoretical knowledge of cources in perspectives and pedagogy with engagement in various sites such as the school, the classroom, the community and the learner and thereby ensuring a holistic development of teaching competencies and skills needed for an effective teacher professional of 21st century global world.
B. The activities undertaken during this programme of school attachment will comprise of :-
a. Observing teaching sessions of school teachers.
b. Teaching 40 lessons ( Supervised by B. Ed. faculty).
c. Participation in school chores such as prayers, assembly organization of Co-Curricular activities.
d. Library and lab management ( in cases of trainees having to work with laboratories ).
e. Excursion, Study tours etc, as part of the school programme.
f. Community interactions including teacher-parent meetings and visits to specific community centers.
Forth Sem
Course Code Course Title
401 Environmenttal Education in Indian Prespective
402 Gender, School and Society
403 + 404 Guidance and Counseling in school, School Management, Value Edu, History of Indian Edu.
Course Code Course Title
Practicum (EPC) Assessment of Internship I-Year & II-Year with Teaching Lesson
EPE 1 Scouting and Guiding - Under the guidance of an authorized trainer with certification.
EPC 2 Yogs Edu.- Under the guidance of a formally trained yoga expert with certification from the concerned institution.