Addmission Process

The admission procedure is centralized and is conducted by the Directorate of Higher Education, Government of Maharashtra. The aspiring candidates have to appear in the CET test and undergo the procedure of admission conducted by the Directorate. The college is an aided institution, candidates may contact the college office for application forms and more information.

Eligibity to take admission to B. Ed. Course

1) Graduates from any Recognized University, Agricultural University, Open University, and Deemed University in; Arts, Science, Commerce, Home Science, Agriculture Science are eligible to appear for C.E.T.
2) Along with the graduates, the candidates appearing for degree examinations of March/April of the academic year from any Recognized University, Agricultural University, Open University, and Deemed University in; Arts, Science, Commerce, Home Science, Agriculture Science are eligible to appear for C.E.T.
3) Candidates belonging to open and Reserve category must secure at least 18 and 15 marks in C.E.T.
4) For applicants of Open category category minimum 45% in degree examination. For applicants of Other Backward Class (OBC), and Special Backward Class (SBC) , Scheduled Caste (SC) category minimum 45% in degree examination. If any University has semester pattern then average percentage of marks for both the semesters should be considered.

Minimum percentage marks exemption

For the applicants that have served as a full time teacher for minimum two years, the above mentioned minimum percentage limit is not applicable. They only need to pass the qualifying examination


50% seats are reserved for backward categories as enlisted below. Remaining 50% seats are reserved for open category

Legal Reservation Percentage
Scheduled Caste (S. C.) 13
Scheduled Tribes (S. T.) 7
VJ / DT 3
Nomadic Tribes (N. T.-1) 2.5
N. T. – 2 3.5
N. T. – 3 2
O. B. C. 19
Total 50

After completion of admission procedure as per the merit list, if any seats from reservation category remain unallocated, out of the remaining seats offer 2% seats to applicants belonging to Special Backward Class (S.B.C.) category as per their merit

Special Reservations

Social Reservation Percentage
Applicant Physically Handicapped (40%) but having a certificate of ability
to complete the course
Wards and spouse of Ex-servicemen or In-Servicemen 2

Out of total available seats 30% seats are reserved for female candidates widows/ divorced / deserted females will be given preference in this reservation

Reservation for Kashmir Migrants

One additional seat in every college

Guidelines For B. Ed. Admission Quota( Distribution of Seats )

1) 70% Quota (For Home Universities)
2) 28% Quota (Universities in Maharashtra other than Home University)
3) 2% Quota (Universities other than Maharashtra)
The Candidates applying for 70% Admission quota will be automatically considered to have applied for 28% Admission quota.

A) 70% Quota

For a college of Education in the concerned University-region, 70% seats of the total intake capacity of that college will be reserved for the candidates who are degree holders (first degree) of the University.

Name of Home Universities
1) Gondwana University
4) Nagpur University

B) 28% Quota

For a college of Education in a University – region, 28% seats of the total intake capacity of that college will be reserved for the candidates who are degree holders (first degree) of the statutory universities other than the university concerned, and agricultural universities in the State of Maharashtra, Tilak Maharashtra Vidyapeeth (Pune), Centers of Indira Gandhi Open University in Maharashtra, Yashwantrao Chavan Open University, Nashik. The seats reserved for the son/daughter/husband/wife of the persons serving in Maharashtra in active military services in the 28% quota will be made available for the Candidates who are degree holders of outside Maharashtra Universities and are son/daughter/husband/wife of persons in active military service, working outside Maharashtra State, but otherwise are residents of Maharashtra.

C) 2% Quota

2% seats of the total intake capacity of the Colleges of Education will be reserved for the degree holders of the outside Maharashtra Statutory Universities and Open Universities.

D) (28+2)% Quota

If adequate applications for (28+2) % quota are not received then the remaining seats will be filled from the waiting list of the 70% quota of the concerned university region.

Fee Structure

1.0 Tuition fee Rs. 13,377.00/-

2.0 College Fee

Admission Fee Rs. 500.00/-
Librory Fee Rs. 300.00/-
Gym Fee Rs. 200.00/-
Educational Resources Fee Rs. 300.00/-
Stydy Program Rs. 255.00/-
Development Fund Rs. 1500.00/-
Psychological Experiment Rs. 445.00/-
Identity Card Rs. 50.00/-
Social Involvement Rs. 500.00/-
Other Fees Rs. 300.00/-
Details of fee, as approved by State fee Committee, for the Institution. As per the directives of *Shikshan Shulka Samiti duly this Institute charging the interim fees as given below –

(Note-*Reviewable by Competent authority)

3.0 University Fees

Candidates will have to pay the University fees as given below according to University rules at the time of admission only in one installment.

University Fee - 790/-

Student Annual Fee 125.00
Students Welfare Fund 5.00
Student Medical Aid Fee 5.00
Students Aid Fund 5.00
Student Game Fee 25.00
Student Union Fee 5.00
Medical Test form Fee 5.00
Ashwamegh Sport Fee 24.00
E-Mail Fee 50.00
Disaster Management Cell Fees 10.00
Environment Fee 25.00
Total Rs. 284.00/-

Other University Fees


Enrollment fee Rs.125/-
Migration fee Rs.200/- (Only for Home University students.), Rs.500/- (Only for Other University students.)
Degree certificate fee Rs. 300/-

3.0 All fees are non-refundable.

4.0 Concession for backward class students (S.C. / S.T. / V.J. / O.B.C.) as given by Social Welfare Department of Maharashtra.

Time schedule for payment of fee for the entire programme.
Fees is accepted in two installments.
50 % fees at the time of admission.
Remaining 50 % fees by the end of December month of the session.
The tuition and other fees are paid in the form of Demand draft/ pay order/ cash. D. D. and pay order should be made in favor of ‘Principal, Adv. N. S. Ganguvar College Of Education, Gadchiroli.

Code of Conduct

1) Attendance
a) Students are expected to have a minimum of 75% attendance in each semester.
b) Defaulters may be debarred from the final examination.
c) Leave notes from parents/guardians and where needed, medical certificates are to be given to the co-ordinator to explain the absence of a student from class.
2) Canteen facilities are available only to the staff and students of the college.
3) Dress Code: Students must come to college suitably clad, that is, in dress appropriate to an educational institution in India. Shorts, miniskirts and short blouses are not allowed.
4) Cleanliness is encouraged at all times and in all places. Students may eat only in the canteen. Littering on the premises is objectionable. Writing and drawing on walls and desks is prohibited. Students will be penalized if found doing so.
5) Smoking, consumption of alcohol or drugs is totally prohibited on the campus.
6) Ragging is strictly prohibited
7) Entry to the campus is through the main gate and through the Pedder road entrance. The latter is open only to staff and students.
8) Students may not entertain their visitors/relatives on the campus.
9) The identity card must always be carried.
Mobile phones are only allowed in and around the Canteen.