In this age of information, the library services must be the heart of any institution. College is having an excellent library coverd 67.20 sqm. with capacity to accommodate 25% of the total strength at a time. The Library (Learning and Resource Centre) plays a vital role in providing & nurturing knowledge and aiding in learning activities.

The Primary purpose of the library is to support teaching, research, academic programmes. The institution has an extensive collection of over 9200 books almost every aspect of education, reference books, general books, related to personality development, Books of for competitive examinations etc. a large number of magazines, newspapers, periodicals ,encyclopedia and journals necessary to help the students keep abreast with the developments are available. The institution provides free books to all the students. The library has all the facilities for the students to learn.

Total Books 4246
Reference Books 1080
General Books 771
Donated Books 374